For the past decade Natalia Criado has fostered the development of her brands through a creative multitask-driven principle that infuses her many creative endeavour. Born and raised in Colombia, Criado discovers her knack for design at an early age.

Becoming an Industrial Designer in Milan, once back home and exposed to several cultures, she found herself inspired by Colombian traditions. 

Committing by 2007 to a phase of experimentation through the creation of ORTO, which translates orchard from the Italian, a design studio pursuing the concept of sowing ideas and growing them into realities, from an object to a brand: seeds that grow and blossom, an orchard of ideas. With an ever-expanding horizon, Criado set off to design, create and produce not just one but several brands rooted in her interests.  Criado designs, and under her direction and training her pieces are produced in house by herself and a dedicated staff of artisans.